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Gadger was born here in the Valley of the Sun, has over 17 years of professional radio & wedding DJ'ing experience. He is married and has 2 daughters, 3 and 1 years old. He loves watching the Walking Dead & is a die-hard Arizona Cardinals, Suns, D-backs & Coyotes fan.

When he worked for the Arizona Coyotes as the In-Arena Host <> he discovered he was really good at sumo wrestling, so don't think about challenging him!


Spare time, he's big on streaming movies, going on date nights, and playing Xbox 1 when the family allows it ;) Gadger leads a very active lifestyle especially with his family & 3 Labrador Retrievers doing anything and everything that involves FUN! When DJ'ing weddings, his all time favorite song is "Uptown Funk" cause everybody loves to dance to it! He’s secretly obsessed with having to try every new item a fast food restaurant comes out with. So, next time ask him "Have you tried..." Yes he has. 


Also something most people don’t know about him, is that he is addicted to baby cookies, great family mystery on why they disappear, he blames it on his 3 dogs & kids. 

Gadger has a huge passion for music, pop culture, hosting & DJ’ing events, and being a part of the local community in Phoenix.

Gadger Q&A


1 How long have you been in radio?

I’ve been in people’s ears for 17 years now in the Valley and have loved every minute of it!

2 What other positions have you worked in radio (i.e. like promotions, etc.) or currently working (syndication, etc.)?

I started out in the streets doing radio promotions then moved up to on-air, commercial production, web design, and head of the video department for Riviera Broadcasting.

3 What are some other jobs you’ve done outside of radio?

“Red ropes! Get your red ropes here!” Cardinals concession worker back in High School. Arizona Coyotes in arena host, & currently have been hosting and dj’ing weddings/events…

4 What do you like best about your station?

The music, my daughter and wife can’t get enough Taylor Swift and Rihanna! Also, love our staff, we really are a family, have a ton of fun together, laugh every day. The listeners are full of energy so it’s great interacting with them.

5 What makes you happy?

Family for sure, but in radio, is when we can make a listener react; make them happy, laugh, get excited, be an escape, have an impact in their life…

6 What do you do for fun?

Playing sports; soccer, basketball, softball. Love supporting all Arizona sports teams! Spending time with family, I have 2 little daughters. Netflix binge watching w/my wife. Walking Dead fanatic!

7 What is your crazy radio story?

Right before introducing Blink-182 on-stage, I told 20,000 people “I have some bad news…(long pause) They ran out of churros, get ready for BLINK-182!!!!!!!!!!” I have people still to this day, say they almost killed me for that haha

8 Anything else you would like a client to know about you?

When working for the Arizona Coyotes, I discovered I was really good at sumo wrestling, so don’t think about challenging me!!!



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