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DJ | MC | Entertainer

My name is Edwin,


I have been working in the DJ industry for 13 years, since I was 7, I started very young with my dad (DJ Richie). My family has a strong family bond and we all have this one thing that brings us all together, Music! My entire family works as a team and we love what we do. Not only do we DJ, we also have a Hype show called ‘La Bomba” which I am the Emcee, we also provide other services like the “LOVE” Marquee Letters, Dancing in the cloud (First dance effect) Cold Spark effect and recently added a Photo Booth. Looks like my family and I are all in, haha

We continue to do what we do best, and it is so rewarding to make people happy on their special day. That’s what makes all the late nights worth what we do. Arizona’s DJ Entertainment keeps growing as a company and I am ready to continue to provide the service the client deserves.


Soon I will be DJ’n solo, make sure you say hello next time you see me at events.




Edwin Amaya



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