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DJ Eddie aka Deejay ERG, 

Is a professional wedding DJ for over 15years. The steps he took towards being a professional was the path of becoming a professional wedding DJ was completing courses in entertainment, joining a league of wedding professionals group in Orange County, California working with the top DJ’s and wedding vendors in Southern California. Networking and shadowing the Top Wedding DJs in the industry. Purchasing subscriptions, attending webinars! You name it! He did it! 


DJ ERG was your typical hobby DJ until he married. When DJ Eddie married his wife something changed inside of him. He realized how magical weddings where and decided to ask the DJs of the weddings he was attending how much do they charge. The reason for question, he noticed their equipment was high quality and the presentation was beautiful. Some of the DJs were really great at playing music, mixing the music very well and very entertaining, but some of the DJs weren’t very good at all and said to himself? I could do a better job for people getting married on the most special day of their lives!!! The average response of pricing was shocking to me in 2008. So decided to buy all new equipment that was wedding worthy meaning top of the line invested $10,000 to provide top service and equipment to get started.  


DJ ERG moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in February of 2021. Reached out to Jerry at Arizona DJs to see if he needed a professional wedding DJ to help him with weddings. The meeting went amazing and here his!!! 


DJ ERG is very well rounded in all types of music his abilities to create a fun and energetic vibe such as if you went to a club or festive event has attracted opportunities to him to play at multiples clubs and event centers. But that’s not where his heart is at, it is being able to provide a great atmosphere to the couples getting married on their once and a lifetime wedding. DJ ERG specializes in various formats of music from Top 40, Hip Hop, Latin, House music, Country and much, much, more!!! 


DJ ERG will be 20 years married on October 17, 2023. Has 3 kids lives in Gilbert, AZ with 2 dogs



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