DJ | MC | Founder

I have been into music for the last 36 years (Don’t ask how old I am. LOL) I started back in High School with some of my very close friends in the bay area (South San Francisco).


I discovered early in life the power of music and how it influences all of us. I also discovered soon after that I could get paid for doing this DJ thing, then I found out that if I play music for everyone “ages 8 through 80” and not just for myself I would most likely have a repeat client, and so it started. I’ve had the privilege of playing for crowds of 10 to thousands of people and I have the same philosophy with all, they are the same paying customer so they deserve the same energy from me. As a DJ we really feed off the crowd and when they engage and are having a great time, I’m also having a great time.


I moved to Arizona back in 1999.  I used to visit one of my sisters for Thanksgiving and we just absolutely loved the weather, so at the drop of a hat my family and I decided to make the move.  I arrived towards the end of May and OMG!!!!! It was HOT haha Many told me if I made it two summers that I would probably make it; well, it’s been 17 years and a lot has changed. I actually get cold at 70 Degrees (I’m a wimp!) haha

In 2012; I, (Very scared, worried and concerned) decided to quit my job (At the city of Tempe) and DJ full time, Crazy Huh? I can honestly say that I have the best life ever; I’m living the dream. Since then our small DJ company has turned into many  GREAT DJs, partnered up with venues, a physical office where clients can meet us and feel a sense of security knowing they are not handing over money to a stranger at a coffee shop, and we are on track to finish 2016 with over 300 events.

My all time favorite song is a Spanish Mariachi song (El Son De La Negra) goes great with a shot of Tequila, plus it brings back lots of great memories of when I used to live in Guadalajara as a child. I now, sometimes listen to Classical and opera music while I’m driving just to change it up and have my brain take a break. I am all about the details when coordinating your event. It is the most important day of our client’s life (At the time) and I always strive to deliver exactly what their vision is.

I guess you can say that I am ready to slow down (just a very tiny little bit ) after all I love what I do, my kids are all grown up and I am really looking forward to the next level to our small company, in other words, I’M READY FOR A VACATION with my beautiful wife.

I want to personally thank all our past, present, and future clients for trusting us with your special day.

I look forward to meeting new clients and build new relationships.

Life is a party and I feel like that for most of my life I’ve been at this long 32 year reception, hahaha.

We are not responsible for any aches and pains due to excessive dancing!